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Less Blather!

 More Bite!


Don’t let your message be lost in ambiguity or waffle.

I specialise in copy-editing text written by non-native speakers of English.

A natural, fluent voice encourages the reader to continue.

Writing should be tight and punchy, concise and clear.

Less blather, more bite!



I work regularly for the UNDP and UNICEF, and the IFC (part of the World Bank), for whom I’ve styled project reports.

I also copy-edit a weekly newspaper and monthly magazine.

I’ve written several popular travel guides and have around 30 feature articles in print and online.



           World Bank      (International Finance Corporation)

Ivan Ivanov  Ivan Ivanov     Global Agribusiness Specialist for the IFC

Wendy has worked as English editor on a number of reports and publications for IFC in Belarus and Russia. She has consistently delivered high quality work meeting our short deadlines. On some instances, she needed to re-write pieces of texts produced by good local experts with limited English proficiency and did an excellent job grasping the context information and delivering the messages in an easy to read manner.



Tatiana AderikhinaTatiana Aderikhina        Programme Officer 

Wendy read a project report for us, delivered on time and did a thorough, good quality job. We shall be happy to work with Wendy again in future.



United Nations Development Programme


Aisulu Mailybayeva   Executive Assistant for World Bank

In October 2012 Wendy copy-edited an article for the UNDP Kazakhstan website. We were really pleased with Wendy’s styling of the text, her ability to meet tight deadlines and her nice attitude in general. I will certainly turn to Wendy again next time I need editing services.

Please see the mentioned article at


UNDPKZ Success Stories



Газета  The Minsk Times

Marina at home's profile photo

Marina Prudnichenko 

Head of Foreign Language Editions for DELO (East+West) magazine / The Minsk Times newspaper

For several years, I’ve been working with Wendy and I’d recommend her highly for any proof-reading or copy-editing task. Wendy is a friendly team member who always delivers work on or ahead of time and is very reliable and meticulous in her work. She writes in an attractive and natural style – fulfilling tasks fully and with great care. Definitely, Wendy’s strengths are her punctuality in meeting deadlines, her conscientious attention to detail and her clear and concise writing.



  Valerya Sheronova  Valerya Sheronova

Editor and Translator for DELO (East + West) magazine

I’ve been working with Wendy for almost a year and I’m absolutely happy with our co-operation. Wendy is easy to deal with and has a good understanding of what she is doing. She is reliable, result-oriented, pays attention to details, liaises well with other team members, works unsociable hours to meet targets and keep deadlines, creates natural and fluent English text and uses her own initiative. She understands perfectly what is needed from her. She is a good colleague to work with and I would like to continue our co-operation.


julia z

Julia Zabaronok

Editor and Translator for DELO (East + West) magazine

I’ve been working with Wendy for several years and have always been pleased with her styling of text. She pays attention to detail, always keeps deadlines and creates natural and fluent English while using her own initiative. I appreciate her work greatly. She is a true professional and I’m happy to work with her.



irina-filipkovaIrina Filipkova- journalist (formerly with DELO magazine)

I had the pleasure of working with Wendy Quinn, who style edited and proof read texts translated into English by non-native speakers. Wendy is a great editor, with an exceptional feeling for language. She has a bright sense of humour and an outstanding ability to beautifully word the most awkward passages. Additionally, she has always met deadlines. I also know Wendy as a wonderful writer with a very entertaining and capturing narrative manner. She’s a reliable colleague and an easy going person.


Damir Kozhanbayev   – consultant on child rights protection

Ombudsman’s Office in Kazakhstan

Wendy provided a thorough, quality revision of our report on time. I’m happy with the natural style of the finished text and would certainly be happy to work with Wendy again.

Dmitriy Kalyada Dmitriy Kalyada       co-founder of 108Basis

Wendy is a great professional. I appreciate her autonomy and clear understanding of targets.  I would like to collaborate again.



Recommendations for my travel writing:

Geoffrey Chesler – Executive Editor at Kuperard

Wendy Quinn is the author of Kuperard’s publication Culture Smart! Belarus, published under the pen name Anne Coombes in 2008. In the course of a close and extended collaboration on producing this book, I have found her to be disciplined, good-natured, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Drawing on her experience of life in Belarus, Wendy has managed to explain the complexities and nuances of Belarusian society with clarity and humour. Well organised and a natural communicator, she has marshalled complex material Culture Smart Belarus - book coverinto a readily understandable format, been flexible and open to discussion when shaping the book, and delivered the final manuscript on time. Above all, she has succeeded in communicating her enthusiasm and interest in the country to the reader.

John Bonar   John Bonar  - publisher     

(formerly of Moscow’s Passport Magazine)

I hired Wendy to write a monthly column involving local culture, travel and fashion with impeccable results. Well researched, highly readable material was always delivered on time.


Gilly Rich Gilly Rich  -  editor               (formerly of Escape Artist)

It was always a pleasure to receive a new article from Wendy; they were different, informative and relevant both to travellers and expatriates.

When I was Editor at Escape Artist we published several of Wendy’s articles, which were always very well received. No editing ever needed!!

I’m hoping to continue working with Wendy in my new role as Editor of Overseas Registry Magazine and have no hesitation in recommending her writing and her professionalism.


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