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Under my pen name of Anne Coombes:

  • I’ve updated several travel guides for Dorling Kindersley.
  • I’ve written around 30 feature articles for web and print editions – including The Times, Passport Magazine, International Living and Escape Artist.
  • I’ve written the first edition of Culture Smart : Belarus (distributed by Random House) – available from Amazon.



Geoffrey Chesler – Executive Editor at Kuperard


Wendy Quinn is the author of Kuperard’s publication Culture Smart! Belarus, published under theCulture Smart Belarus - book cover pen name Anne Coombes in 2008.


In the course of a close and extended collaboration on producing this book, I have found her to be disciplined, good-natured, professional, and a pleasure to work with.


Drawing on her experience of life in Belarus, Wendy has managed to explain the complexities and nuances of Belarusian society with clarity and humour. Well organized and a natural communicator, she has marshalled complex material into a readily understandable format, been flexible and open to discussion when shaping the book, and delivered the final manuscript on time. Above all, she has succeeded in communicating her enthusiasm and interest in the country to the reader.





John Bonar John Bonar  - publisher       (formerly of Moscow’s Passport Magazine)


I hired Wendy to write a monthly column involving local culture, travel and fashion with impeccable results. Well researched, highly readable material was always delivered on time.





Gilly Rich  Gilly Rich  - editor              (formerly of Escape Artist)


 It was always a pleasure to receive a new article from Wendy; they were different, informative and relevant both to travellers and expatriates.


When I was Editor at Escape Artist we published several of Wendy’s articles, which were always very well received. No editing ever needed!!


I am hoping to be able to continue working with Wendy in my new role as Editor of Overseas Registry Magazine and have no hesitation in recommending her writing and her professionalism.